Effluent quality

Treated wastewater is known as effluent. The treatment facility produces about 32 million m³ of effluent each year.
Effluent quality at the facility is very good, primarily with respect to the removal of organic compounds from the raw sewage.

Effluent quality during the last three years is shown in the table below.

Effluents are used in irrigation. Most effluents are sent through a pipe by the Mekorot Water Company to the Jezreel Valley and are stored in the reservoirs of Tishlovet Kishon (farmers' association) having a total capacity of about 25 million m³. The effluent is used during the summer months for crop irrigation.

A small portion of the effluent is used for irrigation of the fields of Kibbutz Yagur next to the treatment facility.

Quality of effluent produced at the treatment facility (annual average in mg/L)

2009 2010 2011 Parameter/year
9 11 10 BOD
73 79 76 COD
16 19 16 TSS - total suspended solids

Irrigation of sunflower fields with effluent