The treatment facility’s laboratory

The treatment facility laboratory performs various tests to monitor and control treatment processes.
The laboratory prepares reports summarizing the results of the analyses and provides data to both internal and external parties.

The laboratory is certified by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority in accordance with the ISO 17025:2004 standard. The facility's laboratory performs a wide variety of chemical and biological tests and routinely monitors the wastewater treatment process.

For this purpose, tests on specimens are regularly taken during all stages of the treatment process, some of which are routine and some which are random.

Parameters routinely tested in liquids and in sludge are suspended and total solids, settled solids, volume of settled sludge, pH, chlorides, electrical conductivity, biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, nitrogen compounds, phosphorus compounds, sulfur, acidity and alkalinity [and] volatile organic compounds.

Additionally, the laboratory performs chemical and biological tests required at various pilot installations occasionally set up at the facility to test new processes.

The laboratory is equipped with sophisticated measurement and analysis instruments and has a system for biological testing of the activated sludge population. Analysis of the results of the observation of this population contributes to reaching correct operational conclusions.

 Population of activated sludge as seen in a microscope