Sources and transport of wastewater

Origin of the wastewater: The treatment facility primarily receives and treats household sanitary wastewater. The facility also receives industrial wastewater from plants in the area. Industrial wastewater constitutes about 15% of all wastewater treated at the facility. Industrial wastewater discharged into collectors of the public wastewater system must comply with the regulations of municipal ordinances.

Wastewater transport: Wastewater treatment begins in the sewage collection systems of each of the local authorities belonging to the association. The wastewater collection system consists of about 100 km of main collector pipes and pressure lines in various diameters of up to 2 m.

Wastewater is pumped and discharged into the Haifa Bay area treatment facility through 46 pumping stations distributed throughout the association's service area. This wastewater is sent into the treatment facility through underground carrier pipes, generally by way of gravitation.

Wastewater [reaching] the facility is pumped to treatment processes through three helical pumps having a total flow rate of 16,500 m³ per hour and a head of 13 m.

Further on, the wastewater is discharged into the various processes in the facility by gravitation.

Wastewater distribution tank at the treatment facility