Association management ascribes great importance to providing instruction and information to the general public with respect to wastewater treatment and effluent reclamation.

Numerous visitors come to the treatment facility in organized groups.
Most visitors at the facility are elementary and high school students, college students and retirees. Professionals who are engaged in this field also occasionally come to the facility in prior coordination in order to gain an impression and learn about the operation of a municipal wastewater treatment plant of this size.

A Visitors Center has been established at the treatment facility, constructed in the administration building, to receive these visitors.

The air-conditioned lecture hall at the Visitors Center has a capacity of 50 participants with a transparency projector, screen, slide projector, video device and DVD. Guests can thereby receive explanations clearly and understandably.

A large dynamic model has been constructed as part of the facility's public information system, located at the entrance to the lecture hall.

A short video film has also been produced that precisely describes and explains the processes taking place at each stage of wastewater and sludge treatment at the facility.

Additionally, brochures have been prepared and printed for distribution to visitors. One such brochure is designed to be distributed to elementary school students and another is intended for distribution to high school students, college students and retirees.

Facility visitors are welcomed at the Visitors Center where they receive light refreshments and a short lecture from one of the facility professionals who explains with the use of the model, the film and slides how the facility operates at the various stages of the wastewater treatment process.

Following the lecture, visitors are invited for a guided tour during which they pass among the treatment structures and processes, ask questions and get answers.

In order to make it easy for visitors and to prevent accidents, all of the areas along the instruction route have been fenced.