Effluent filtration

Effluent filtration pilot installation

A pioneering installation was operated in 2011 at the treatment facility for filtering effluents using a gravitational sand filter method (see photograph).

The gravitational filters are large tanks that contain layers of filtration beds that may contain grains of quartz, basalt, anthracite or similar materials.

The effluents are made to flow from above downward by gravitation during which the bed filters suspended solids.

The filtered effluents are captured in a collection system at the bottom of the filter and are then discharged into a collection tank.

The conclusion drawn by the association after running the pilot installation for about six months was that this technology is suitable for the Haifa Wastewater Treatment Facility and that the filtered effluent meets requirements specified in the new regulations for effluent quality.
The association is [now] expediting the construction of a filtration installation to treat all of the effluents produced at the facility.
Effluent filtration pilot installation