The Haifa Region Association of Towns - Sewerage
  • The Association is responsible for treating wastewater for the city of Haifa and nearby cities and towns, serving a total population of about 250,000 and covering a total land area of about 100 km².

  • Raw sewage entering the treatment facility contains organic material, both dissolved and in suspension, originating from households and industries.

  • This wastewater is treated at our treatment facility located in the Haifa Bay area near the Israel Refineries plant. Its principal function is to remove organic compounds from wastewater through decomposition.

  • The facility treats several hundred thousand cubic meters of sewage each day using advanced biological treatment processes.

  • The treated wastewater – effluent – is sent to the Jezreel Valley where it is used in crop irrigation.

  • The association attains two important goals through operation of the treatment facility: the first is the advanced treatment of wastewater in order to prevent ecological impacts and the second is the reuse of water that brings about an annual savings of about 35 million m³ of water each year for Israel's water economy.

Aerial photograph of the wastewater treatment facility